School Board Director


Typical Areas of Governance:

▪ Policy making and planning for school district

Typical Duties:

▪ Establish policies that direct the instructional and support programs
▪ Employ and evaluate the superintendent
▪ Adopt annual budget
▪ Levy taxes
▪ Negotiate with employee groups on salaries and benefits
▪ Represent the school district on other boards and committees

Length of Term:

▪ 4 Years
▪ School board directors elected on staggered terms (1/2 of board elected every two years)
▪ Short term: If a seat becomes vacant during the term, the board appoints a citizen to fill the unexpired term. If this occurs in the first or second year of the term, the seat is put on the ballot at the next municipal election for a 2-year term.

How Elected:

▪ At large: by all the registered voters in the borough
▪ Region: by all the registered voters in a region, which is a specific geographic area. Regions must have approximately equal population.
▪ Not all school districts are divided into regions
▪ Some school districts have regions and at large seats
▪ School board candidates may cross-file on both party ballots in the primary
Size of School Board:
▪ Nine directors


▪ Elected from among all members of the board by the directors
▪ President
▪ Vice president
▪ Treasurer
▪ Secretary


▪ Registered voter
▪ 18 years or older
▪ Resident of the school district for one year prior to the election
▪ If elected by region, must live in the region
▪ Of good moral character

Compensation and Employment:

▪ School board directors are not compensated for their service
▪ Directors cannot be employed by the school district