County Commissioners

Areas of Governance:

▪ Human Services
▪ Courts and Corrections
▪ Land Use and Community Planning
▪ Elections
▪ Public Safety and Emergency Management
▪ Veterans Affairs
▪ Property Assessment and Taxation

Typical Duties:

▪ Oversee the administration of all county staff and programs
▪ Adopt an annual budget
▪ Plan for and implement capital improvements
▪ Levy taxes
▪ Negotiate with employee groups on salaries and benefits
▪ Oversee the funds of county row officers
▪ Appoint boards and commissions.

Length of Term:

▪ 4 Years
▪ Terms are not staggered – all county commissioners are elected at the same time.
▪ If a commissioner’s seat becomes vacant during the term, the President Judge of the County Court of Common Pleas appoints a citizen of the same party to fill the unexpired term.

How Elected:

▪ By all registered voters in the county
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Size of Board of County Commissioners:
▪ Three. Citizens elect 3 from those on the ballot: 2 Republican, 2 Democratic, any 3rd party or Independent candidates. This guarantees representation from more than one party.


▪ Elected from the commissioners, by the commissioners.
▪ Chair
▪ Vice chair


▪ Registered voter
▪ 18 years or older
▪ Resident of the county for one year prior to the election

Compensation and Employment:

▪ Compensation for commissioners and county row offices is set by the county commissioners sitting as a salary board
▪ Commissioners cannot change salary schedule during their own term
▪ Commissioners cannot set salary during an election year

Typical Boards and Commissions:

▪ Criminal Justice Advisory Board
▪ Planning Commission