Borough Mayor

Area of Governance:

Some of these may not apply, for instance the borough may not have a police department or a public park.
▪ Police (if borough has police department)
▪ Enforcement of borough ordinances (often delegated to staff)
▪ May perform marriages

Typical Duties:

▪ Attend council meetings a least monthly
▪ Break tie votes of borough council
▪ Has veto power over borough ordinances, but can be overridden

Length of Term:

▪ 4 Years
▪ Short term: If the mayor’s seat becomes vacant during the term, council appoints a citizen to fill the unexpired term. If this occurs in the first or second year of the term, the seat is put on the ballot at the next
municipal election for a 2-year term.

How Elected:

▪ By all the registered voters in the borough, whether at large or by ward.
▪ Registered voter
▪ 18 years or older
▪ Resident of the borough for one year prior to the election