Election Board to have meeting Monday to consider consolidation of Springhill Precincts

Notice is hereby given that the Fayette County Board of Elections will hold a meeting on Monday, July 22, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. at the Public Service Building, 22 East Main Street, Uniontown, PA 15401 to discuss the consolidation of Springhill Township, District One, voting at Appalachian Community Center, 2390 Springhill Furnace Road, Smithfield, PA 15478 and Springhill Township, District Two, voting at Oak Grove Church of Christ, 4723 Morgantown Road, Lake Lynn, PA 15451 into one voting precinct to vote at Appalachian Community Center.


Angela M. Zimmerlink
Matthew I. Jaynes
Mark M. Mehalov


UPDATED Judge of the Superior Court

Vote for 2 (Statewide Results)


  1. GREEN-HAWKINS, AMANDA / 479,490 Votes / 37.97%
  2. MCCAFFERY, DANIEL D / 406,950 Votes / 32.23%
  3. TARASI, BETH / 376,301 Votes / 29.80%


  1. MCCARTHY KING, MEGAN / 369,131 Votes / 35.59%
  2. PECK, CHRISTYLEE / 347,451 Votes / 33.50%
  3. WARREN, REBECCA L / 320,646 Votes / 30.91 %

Wharton Township

The two candidates for Township Supervisor in Wharton Township will face off against each other in the General Election in November. Meanwhile, candidates for Auditor will be chosen from the write-in pool to be placed on the ballot for th General Election.

Brian Vansicle and Pete Americo secured their respective party’s nominations, Democratic and Republican for the General Election Ballot in the Fall where they will face off against each other for the post.

There are a couple of candidates that will be on the ballot at that time for a seat to the Board of Auditors.

Washington Township

A difference of 109 votes told the fate of the Democratic Nominaton for Supervisor in Washington Township. Meanwhile, write-in votes will tell the fate of both the six and four year auditor terms in the township.

Scott Hilman Secured the nomination with 294 votes. Dan Moody was unsuccessful in his bid only recieving 185 votes to the post. However, both had write-ins on the Republican Ballot.

There are a couple of write-in candidates that will be on the ballot for auditor should they accept to for the General Election in November.

Vanderbilt Borough

In Vanderbilt, Four candidates were vying for three seats on Borough Council there. It has been determined that they will all be on the ballot on the General Election.

Democrats Bonnie Ambrose and Shelia Kurtz secured their party’s nomination while Jessica L. Lynn and Tiffany Adoboto secured the Republican Nomination to council. The top three in the General Election in November will be seated next year.


Upper Tyrone Township

Upper Tyrone Township could possibly have a new Supervior next year. Meanwhile a six year audtior will likely retain his term, while the four year one is up for grabs.

Newcomer Ron Bun Lenadowski ousted Incumbent William Edwards by a difference of 109-31, with a unrelated write in vote on the Republican Party,  thus securing the Party Nomination as well as securing serveral votes on the opposing party.

Jeffrey Hann Jr, Secured his nod to the Board of Auditors for the Republican Party. Write in contests willl tell the fate of the 4 year term as there were several single votes.

Uniontown City


Incumbent Democrat Mayor Ed Fike and Republican Thomas W. Gerke both secured their party’s nominations to the post and will face off for the Office of the Mayor in Uniontown in the General Election in November.


Democratic Incumbents Joe Czuchan Jr. and Blair R. Jones Sr. both secured nominations for their party. There are no concrete and valid nominations for the Republican Party.

Controller and Treasurer

Succeessful Write-In Campaigns will tell the fate of who will secure the office of City Controller in Uniontown. Same will go for the Office of City Treasurer.