Uniontown’s Elected Treasurer Says She Was Denied Her Swearing-In Because Of Race

On Monday, Antoinette Hodge, an African American, was supposed to be sworn in as City Treasurer of Uniontown.

Source: Uniontown’s Elected Treasurer Says She Was Denied Her Swearing-In Because Of Race

AG board appoints Paul Dunham to two-year seat

A familiar face is returning to the Albert Gallatin Area School Board after a majority of school directors opted to fill a vacancy by appointment Wednesday.

Paul Dunham, whose four-year term on the school board ended this month, will rejoin the board for a two-year term to fill out the nine-member board.

The vacancy occurred as the result of newly seated school director Bob Mangold, who was not present Wednesday, winning election in November to both a four-year seat and a two-year seat on the board. Mangold selected to serve in the four-year position, leaving a vacancy in the two-year seat, which the board is required to fill by appointment.

Mangold ran unopposed in the general election in the race for the two-year seat.

The Pennsylvania Public School Code gives school boards the authority to fill vacancies by appointment.

Dunham was nominated for the appointment by director Betty Moser, a move that was supported by Michael Dunham, Carla Franks, David Howard and Carl Planiczka.

Director Charity Grimm Krupa nominated for the position Candice Jordon, a retired Albert Gallatin administrator.

Declining to vote for either nominee, director Ryan Porupski instead called for an impartial appointment of the seat to be made by the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Solicitor Lee Price explained to the board at the start of Wednesday’s meeting that the board had 30 days to fill the vacancy, at the end of which, if the vacancy remains unfilled, the court of common pleas could appoint an individual to the seat upon the petition of at least 10 district taxpayers.

The nominations occurred after a failed motion by Krupa to add to the meeting agenda a motion to seek applicants for the vacant position through letters of interests and an open interview process to be conducted at a public board meeting scheduled for later this month. Krupa’s motion was not seconded.

Paul Dunham served a four-year term on the school board that recently ended with the installation of new board members following the November general election. Dunham was elected to the board in 2015. He lost a reelection bid earlier this year in the May primary.

The district reported Thursday morning that Paul Dunham had accepted the two-year position and was sworn in at the district administration office. He will serve in the two-year seat until December 2021.