Legislative District Update

49th Legislative District

  • TOPRANI, STEVEN MATTHEW (DEM) 50.29% Votes: 9,034
  • COOK, DONALD (REP) 49.71% Votes: 8,931

50th Legislative District

  • SNYDER, PAMELA (DEM) 56.48% Votes: 10,409
  • ROHANNA MCCLURE, ELIZABETH L (REP) 43.52% Votes: 8,020

51st Legislative District

  • MAHONEY, TIMOTHY S (DEM) 44.26% Votes: 8,339
  • DOWLING, MATTHEW DAVID.(REP) 55.74% Votes: 10,501

52nd Legislative District

  • KEEDY, ETHAN EARL (DEM) 38.64% Votes: 7,539
  • WARNER, RYAN JAMES (REP) 61.36% Votes: 11,972

Wharton Township

For Democratic Committeeman in Wharton Township, Adam Sedlock got the nod with 11 votes while Kathy Sedlock received the Democratic Committee nod with 12 votes.

Elected to the Republican Committee in Wharton Township is Gail and Richard Carlins with 187 and 162 votes respectively.

Washington Township

In Washington Township, Joe Grata secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman with 196 votes, while the Democratic Committeewoman nod is to be decided later as it is split between Jan Amorosso, Charisse Cramer, Cheryl Kozotowski, Kimberly Kozy, and Jamie McDivett each securing one vote each.

Representing Washington Township on the Republican Committee will be Melanie Stringhill Paterson , while the second seat will be a later face-off between Alvin Shipley and Joe Stinghill, who both received two votes each.

Vanderbilt Borough

In Vanderbilt, Joseph M. Ambrose Jr. secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman in the borough with 7 votes, while Bonnie R. Ambrose secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with 7 votes as well.

Jessie Elaine Cumberland for certain secured a nod to the Republican Committee getting 17 votes. The second seat will be a face-off between Jack Washabaugh and Duane King at a later date.

Upper Tyrone Township

In Upper Tyrone Township, Democratic Committeeman Charles B. Cook secured his spot with 35 votes. Bambi Cook secured the nod to the Democratic Committeewoman spot in Upper Tyrone with 2 votes.

William A. Edwards will represent Upper Tyrone at the Republican Committee as he secured 2 votes being the top vote getter. As for the other seat. it as a face off between either Robert Callaro or Tammy Marchewka.

Uniontown City Ward #6

In the Sixth Ward of the City of Uniontown, there will be a face-off for Democratic Committeeman as George D. Gillis and Paul Paulson each received one vote each. Shirley Thomas got the sole vote for Democratic Committeewoman representing the sixth ward.

Representing the Sixth Ward on the Republican Committee will be Larent Gathy and Ronald Metros, each securing one vote.

Uniontown City Ward #5

In the Fifth Ward of Uniontown, Colin Buckalew secured the Democratic Committeeman nod with three votes, while Vonnie Lepley Galand secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with three votes as well.

For the Fifth Ward, incumbents Vickee and Gary Altman secured their seats to the Republican Committee with 30 and 34 votes respectively.

Uniontown City Ward #4

Elected to the Democratic Committeeman from Uniontown’s Fourth Ward is Ed Fike who received one vote. No validated candidates held the nod for Democratic Committeewoman from the Fourth Ward/

Elected to represent the Republican Committee from the Fourth Ward was William and Jodie Machesky with one vote each.

Uniontown City Ward #3

In the Third Ward of Uniontown, Dakota Mikita  secured the nod to the Democratic Committeeman post with 27 votes while Felicia Fike secured the Democratic Committeewoman post with 6 votes.

Meanwhile, representing the Republican Committee from Uniontown’s Third Ward is John Mikita for certain with 2 votes. Contenders for the other seat at the table include, Thomas D. Derosa, Charles Mahcesky, Sam Mantuso, Sal Mercandente, this will be decided at a later time.