Bullskin Township

Bullskin Township is divided into three districts, or precincts.

District 1 is all areas SOUTH of the Township Building

District 2 is all valley areas NORTH of the Township Building

District 3 is all areas on Chestnut Ridge in the Township

For Reference, the township building is located on Shenandoah Road between Route 982 and Breakneck Road, north of the Pleasant Valley Country Club and South of the Masonic Grounds.

Bullskin Township residents reside in the Connellsville Area School District

The entire township is in the 52th district of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the 32nd Senatorial District, both in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Bullskin Township is in the Pennsylvania 9th Congressional District for the US Congress.

Your Magisterial District is 14-1-02.