Did you know that…

  • The township is the oldest form of government in the United States.
  • Pennsylvania has 1,454 townships.
  • Townships cover 95 percent of Pennsylvania’s land area.
  • Townships are home to more than 5.5 million citizens in the Keystone State. That’s 44 percent of the state’s population.
  • Diversity is the name of the game for Pennsylvania’s townships. They range from rural communities with fewer than 200 residents to suburban communities of more than 60,000 residents.

Township supervisors…

Township residents elect supervisors to carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of improving their community. Township supervisors reflect the values of the people they serve.

By design, the structure of township government is flexible. It allows supervisors to determine what services best meet the needs of their constituents. The board of supervisors is directly accessible to residents with no layers of bureaucracy in between.

A board of three or five supervisors, elected at large for six-year terms, governs each township. As the township’s legislative body, this board enacts ordinances, adopts budgets, and levies taxes. Because there is no separately elected executive, except in some home rule townships, the supervisors also perform such functions as enforcing ordinances, approving expenditures, and hiring employees.

Townships are the oldest form of organized government in the United States. Years ago, township supervisors were mainly in charge of maintaining roads and bridges. Today, their role has expanded to include public safety, land use, and environmental protection, among many other responsibilities. And as state and federal mandates increase, these public servants assume an ever greater role in meeting these demands while providing needed services and facilities for their residents.

Townships and cooperation…

The misconception exists that township officials are reluctant to look beyond their borders, but that’s simply not true. Intergovernmental cooperation is thriving in Pennsylvania, a fact revealed in a 2009 PSATS survey, which found that 83 percent of responding townships are participating in cooperative initiatives with other governments. These efforts save time and money, which are both scarce commodities in townships.

According to the survey, townships are working together on everything from providing ambulance services to zoning. At the top of the list, however, are equipment sharing, joint purchasing, road maintenance, and fire protection.

Cooperation isn’t something that townships do from time to time. Instead, it has become a normal business practice across the state in communities of all sizes. The survey results demonstrate that township officials and staff are creative when it comes to delivering the services their residents want and need on increasingly tight budgets. Township officials know what works best for their communities and are taking the initiative and working with their neighbors as they look for ways to improve services and reduce costs.

Brownsville Township
232 Brown St.
Brownsville PA 15417
(724) 785-2646
Bullskin Township
178 Shenandoah Rd.
Connellsville PA 15425
(724) 628-7630
Connellsville Township
166 McCoy Hollow Road
Connellsville, PA 15425
(724) 628-6882
Dunbar Township
128 Township Dr.
Dunbar PA 15431
(724) 628-1440
Franklin Township
353 Town and Country Rd.
Vanderbilt PA 15486
(724) 677-2172
Georges Township
1151 Township Dr.
Uniontown PA 15401
(724) 564-9715
German Township
2 Long St, Edenborn
Mcclellandtown PA 15458
(724) 737-5130
Henry Clay Township
156 Martin Rd.
Markleysburg PA 15459
(724) 329-4733
Jefferson Township
262 Stuckslager Rd.
Perryopolis PA 15473
(724) 326-4772
Lower Tyrone Township
456 Banning Rd.
Dawson PA 15428
(724) 529-2810
Luzerne Township
415 Hopewell Rd.
Bownsville PA 15417
(724) 785-5021 
Menallen Township
427 Searight Herbert Rd.
Uniontown PA 15401
(724) 245-7108
Nicholson Township
142 Woodside Old Frame Rd.
Smithfield PA 15478
(724) 569-2233
North Union Township

7 South Evans Station Road, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456
(724) 438-6316

Perry Township
1 Township Drive
Star Junction, PA 15482
(724) 436-2334
Redstone Township
225 Twin Hills Road
Grindstone, PA 15442
(724) 246-1910
Saltlick Township
147 Municipal Building Rd
PO Box 403
Melcroft, PA 15462
(724) 455-2866
South Union Township
151 Township Dr.
Uniontown PA 15401
(724) 438-5480
Springfield Township
Box 13
Mill Run PA 15464
(724) 455-3015
Springhill Township
198 Lake Lynn Rd.
Lake Lynn PA 15451
(724) 725-5294
Stewart Township
PO Box 108
Mill Run PA 15464
(724) 329-5671
Upper Tyrone Township
170 Municipal Drve
Connellsville, PA 15425
(724) 887-4359
Washington Township
1390 Fayette Ave
Belle Vernon PA 15012
(724) 929-6333
Wharton Township
PO Box 1
Farmington PA 15437
(724) 329-8503