Fairchance Proposed Ordinance 2020-3



NOTICE is hereby given by the Fairchance Borough Council of the intention to act upon the following proposed ordinance: REVISED STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE PURSUANT TO THE PENNSYLVANIA STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ACT (ACT 167) REQUIRING MUNICIPALITIES TO ADOPT OR AMEND, AND SHALL IMPLEMENT SUCH ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS, INCLUDING ZONING, SUBDIVISION AND DEVELOPMENT, BUILDING CODE, AND EROSION AND SEDIMENTATION ORDINANCES, AS ARE NECESSARY TO REGULATE DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE MUNICIPALITY IN A MANNER CONSISTENT WITH THE APPLICABLE WATERSHED STORMWATER PLAN AND THE PROVISIONS OF THE ACT. The full text of the proposed Revised Stormwater Management Ordinance is available for public inspection by appointment by calling (724) 564-9980. The proposed Ordinance may be examined during regular business hours at the office of the Herald-Standard, 8-18 East Church Street, Uniontown, Pennsylvania l5401, at the office of Fairchance Borough, Fairchance Borough Council, 125 West Church Street, Fairchance, Pennsylvania 15436 and at the Fayette County Law Library, Fayette County Courthouse, 61 East Main Street, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The Fairchance Borough Council plans to consider its respective Revised Stormwater Management Ordinance at its regular monthly meeting scheduled on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 6:30 oclock p.m. located at 125 West Church Street, Fairchance, Pennsylvania 15436. Any interested parties may submit comments at this Fairchance Borough meeting. Simon B. John, Solicitor 96 East Main Street Uniontown, PA 15401 (724) 438-8560

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